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Our Creative Value

We offer development solutions in Africa and Internationally. We are a purpose-driven organization with products and services, development concepts, intellectual capital, and business solutions required for transforming the economy of Nigeria.

Software Development, Implementation & Management

We apply cutting-edge techniques to ensure our products are delivered efficiently, effectively and satisfactorily.

Touchless Biometric System

We provide advanced Automated Biometric Identification System used for large-scale biometric identification and deduplication.

Data Loss Prevention

We provide strategic solutions through our well researched and development partnership company to monitor, detect, and block the unauthorized flow of information.

Network and Deployment Services

We provide a variety of flexible installation offerings, designed to assist you in planning and implementating your network solutions.


Your Reliable Solution Partners.

Our Mission

To facilitate infrastructure, human, knowledge management and technology transfers for sustainable economic development in Africa.

Our Vision

To be a leading Provider of Innovative development solutions across Africa.

Our Value

We serve as compass for our actions and describe how we behave with our patners and clients.

Our Brand

Our Brand is focussed on providing top notch solutions and services in a global Scale.


Featured App

Verxid is a proprietary end to end highly secured, innovative touchless biometric infrastructure that can be integrated into existing mobile apps to enhance and offer multi-factor biometrics authentication. A patent self-service touchless biometric solution fitted on a smart mobile device that can integrate seamlessly as an "Authentication Call to Action" process.

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